Friday, November 30, 2007

Sir Arthur C Clarke’s 90th birthday wish blog

Fellow Earthlings,

Sixty-two years ago Arthur C. Clarke of the British Interplanetary Society sent a letter to the editor titled Peacetime Uses for V2 which was published in the 1945 February issue of the Wireless World magazine suggesting the use of Geostationary Satellites for the instant global communications. Quoting,

“I would like to close by mentioning a possibility of the more remote future--perhaps half a century ahead. An ``artificial satellite'' at the correct distance from the earth would make one revolution every 24 hours; i.e., it would remain stationary above the same spot and would be within optical range of nearly half the earth's surface. Three repeater stations, 120 degrees apart in the correct orbit, could give television and microwave coverage to the entire planet.”

Today, the Clarke Orbit has over 330 satellites. Sir Arthur C. Clarke, a science-fiction author, inventor, and futurist, simply a great mind celebrates his 90th birth anniversary on 16th of December, 2007.

And as a big fan of his writing and admirer of his work, I have put up a blog where everyone could send him wishes for his 90th birthday. If you are a friend, colleague, fan or simply an earthling who admires the work of Sir Arthur Clarke, please write your greetings and good wishes on the blog as a comment.

Let us wish together for a healthy and a long life for Sir Arthur.

Please be sure to leave your name and country end of your message.

Thilina Heenatigala
General Secretary
Sri Lanka Astronomical Association


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Tim Morgan said...

Congratulations on your birthday!

You should have no doubts that you have made a profound impact on the shape of the present and the future. You continue to be an inspiration to me and many others.

May you live many more happy and healthy years to come!

Tim Morgan
Flower Mound, Texas, USA

Neil said...

Dear Mr. Clarke;
I want you to know that your ideas have changed this world for the better which is really all one can ask of oneself in life. I not only found your ideas fascinating and throught provoking but I also think that you have helped your adopted country in excellent ways and even over here in Canada some of us are aware of it and thank you for all of your many efforts, thoughts, ideas and intellectual invention. Live long and be healthy! Neil Fiertel, Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta, Canada

Jian-Feng said...

Happy birthday, Sir Arthur!

Jian-Feng Shi
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mark said...

A wonderful birthday and thanks to you. You helped my education in physics (I'm still lousy in that area) and gave me many hours of enjoyment. I hope you continue to do what you do for many more years.

angryearthling said...

i look around at the world and despair till i remember the words of oscar wilde 'we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.'

your books inspire hope and reason in a world lacking both. thanks!

happy birthday from dublin, ireland

Hugh said...

Happy Birthday, Sir Arthur!

The way you have always taken humanity's mission to go beyond Earth's boundaries as a matter of course is, I think, a model of how we all ought to think. We're not "British" or "Chinese," we're "Earthlings," and we ought to behave as such.
Plus, solar sails. Too cool.

Anonymous said...


I'm so impressed with everything you've done... ^-^

Ananda Valenzuela
Puerto Rico

J.C. Ferrell said...

Happy Birthday - and thanks for everything

JC - Ala. USA

wareq said...

Happy 90th, Arthur. As the old Yiddish saying goes, you should live to be 120. (Humanity needs you.) - Scott W. Stiefel

Dennis said...

Happy 90th Birthday, Sir Arthur. I have been a loyal fan since first reading "Childhood's End" in 1959. From 'The volcanoes that reared Taratua' (in the original prologue) to Karellen's 'silent farewell to the men of Earth', I was enchanted by the book and the possibilities for the future of mankind. I am privileged to extend birthday greetings and best wishes to you today.

Dennis Pagni/USA

Brian Goldner said...

Childhood's End is one of my favorite books of all time. When I'm not studying for college exams, I'm looking for books, and I always start with yours. You're a brilliant writer and inspiring scientist. I hope you live many more productive years.

Brian Goldner
Atlanta, GA USA

Tsukino Hikaru said...

I'm 24, and live in Chile, South America. Since I was a kid, I've always enjoyed reading your books and comparing how even the oldest ones still feel adequate with the rapid changes you've seen in the world.

I think this chance of somehow reaching your home and leaving this comment in celebration of your 90th birthday is just another way in which technology has made us all closer, and not farther apart.

It was thanks to your books that I studied (albeit for a year) astronomy, and decided to someday become a writer. And even now I am reading yet another of your books.

While I may never see you in person, and you don't know me at all, I hope you have a great birthday, with the knowledge that hundreds, if not thousands of people are also wishing you the best.

paddy e said...

Sir Arthur,

I have no doubt that your optimistic, non-judgemental view of the future influenced my own outlook for life. I simply devoured your books from the age of about 9 onwards - Dolphin Island, Islands in the Sky, Glide Path... and then on to 2001, Rendezvouz with Rama, Songs of Distant Earth and many, many more. I really hope that one day I will manage to finish a story of my own, and when I do, I will make sure there are a few Clarkian in-jokes.

Thankyou. Happy Birthday, Sir Arthur!

Beam Me Up said...

As a decades long fan of Sir Arthur's prose, it is with the fondest feelings that I wish him a very happy 90th.

Paul Cole
WRFR lp/fm Rockland Maine USA
Beam Me Up podcast

Raian said...

You don't know me, and all I know is your writing. You've changed the course of human thought.


Best Wishes,

Ryan Rafferty - Toronto, Canada.

Buckley said...

Wishing you a very Happy 90th Birthday, Sir Arthur.

Your writings, thoughts and ideas have shaped my thinking and our world. My desire for reading and science fiction (and probably science and technology and learning) grew from the hours I spent thinking while reading your books. I was fortunate to find a few of your books on a shelf at my small school in a small town, and felt my world start to change, becoming more open and expansive (though it would be some time before I walked through it).
You have helped shape our world, and helped many see themselves in a fresh perspective and from different points of view.

My wish for your birthday is that you find the strength and hunger to continue planting your thoughts and feeding this world of children with ideas for a better life for many years to come.

I thank you, and may our children's children continue to thank you for all that you have, and will, contribute.

Your grateful reader,
Buckley Collum
Malibu CA USA

David T.S. Fraser said...

Sir Arthur,

I have very fond memories of seeing you and meeting you at the Otter's Club in Sri Lanka when I was five years old (1975/76) and spending many hours (when not swimming) chasing ping pong balls while you played. Your many accomplishments overshadow this, but I wanted you to know that it is one of my earliest memories as a child.

Happy Birthday!

David Fraser
Halifax, Canada

fimblo said...

Sir Arthur- There was once a little boy who read a book written by you. It left a profound impact on the boy and now that the boy is an adult, with kids of his own, He would like to thank you for your work. Happy 90!

David A. Smith said...


I just completed reading "Against the Fall of Night" yet again. I first read it about 40 years ago, and it still moves me. It is so sad and hopeful.

Thanks for all of the wonderful memories I have of the wonderful future. Thanks for taking me along on your wonderful rides.

Happy birthday.

David A. Smith
Chief Architect
Croquet Project

Chris said...

Happy Birthday, Sir Arthur!! And many more! You've contributed so much and it is most appreciated!

Chris Thomas

Gerard said...

Sir Arthur,

Wishing you all the best birthday wishes. Your work and writings were something that influenced me to go into scientific research, and for this I want to give you my sincerest thanks.

Gerard Atkinson
School of Physics
University of Melbourne, Australia

Karen said...

Dear Arthur

How fantastic (for us, for humanity) that you have hit the big nine-o! What a hugely brilliant life you have had - how much you have done, how wonderfully you have DIRECTLY influenced science, technology and rationalism, as well as the arts, entertainment of substance and humanism.

I think it's about time we did something for you - inventing some fountain of youth and having you around forever sounds like a good idea to me.

Thank you for being you, and thinking outside the square, and lifting us all out of the dark ages to such a great extent!

All the best,

Karen, from 45 degrees south of the equator, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sir Arthur!

You have brought dreams of the sea and the stars to the minds of countless people. What an achievement!
You also have reconciled dreamers with science.
Thank you for marvelous work. I particularly like Rendez-vous with Rama!

From Tokyo
Philippe Valdois

Sherman Dorn said...

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful stories and ideas. You filled my childhood with wonder and hope.

Sherman Dorn

Sherman Dorn said...

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful stories and ideas. You filled my childhood with wonder and hope.

Sherman Dorn
Tampa, Florida

duncantheduck said...

Many years ago you changed my mind, I thank you. have a fantastic birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sir Arthur!

You have brought dreams of the sea and the stars to the minds of countless people. What an achievement!
You also have reconciled dreamers with science.
Thank you for your marvelous work. I particularly like Rendez-vous with Rama!

From Tokyo
Philippe Valdois

russell said...

Happy Birthday! and many more.

Thank you for the endless inspiration and your amazing visions.

Russell Mack
Brooklyn, NYC.

Subvertia said...

Birthday greetings from frozen Oklahoma! Thank you for all your work, you are appreciated!

Steve said...

Birthday Greetings, Sir Arthur. All the best.

Robin Diane Goldstein said...

Sir Arthur:

The Happiest of Birthdays!!!

For all of my life, you have entertained, educated and inspired me. I feel blessed to have walked the planet at the same time as you, and pray we can each continue our journey's for many, many years to come!

Wishing you peace, health and happiness!

Robin Diane Goldstein
Silicon Valley, California, USA

Moonwatcher said...

Happy 90th Sir A.
You have been an inspiration to us all. I have too many favourite books to single out just one.
You have predicted so many technological things - much like this iPhone I am using now. It wouldn't look out of place in 2001.
I have had the pleasure of meeting you twice, the second being at the Minehead Space Expo.

So here's to another decade or two!!

Kevin B
Taunton, Somerset.

Eric said...

Happy birthday, Sir Arthur, and thank you for your fine work. Not merely in science fiction and science popularization, but also as a proponent of critical thinking.

Eric, United States

theorris said...

I think "Summertime on Icarus" is one of the best short stories ever.

Happy Birthday, Sir Aurthur!

Polar said...

Happy Birthday

bill said...

Your work was my inspiration to become an astronaut.

Unfortunately I still haven't made it yet. But as I'm only half your age there's still a chance we could at least meet in LEO.

Bill K.
Surbiton, UK

Julio said...

Happy Birthday from Ribeirão Preto, Brazil. I am a great fan of your work. Thanks for creating those worlds!

Alyssa said...

Happy Birthday Mr Clarke, and all the best to you.

From Alyssa in Canada

meb said...

Rendezvous With Rama remains one of my most vital inspirations. Thank you so much, and congratulations on 90 years.

JimmyT said...

I'm certainly glad that you are well on your 90th birthday Sir Arthur and wish to thank you for the serendipitous occasion of your existence. Your mind has been company for mine many a time. -Jimmy T, Prince George BC Canada

The Tarquin said...

Happy Birthday, Sir!

Anonymous said...

30 years ago I planned to send you a fan letter, but I didn't have your address. So here it comes: Thanks Arthur!


Cameron said...

Happy Birthday Sir Arthur. Thank you for all the enjoyment and inspiration. May you live another 90 years, to see the worlds first space elevator and a manned trip to Jupiter!

Best Wishes

Cameron Pidgeon

Christopher said...

Happy Birthday from Austin, TX

You are truly one of the greats and humanity owes a great debt to you. Have a fantastic day!!

Anonymous said...

ACC, you totally rock. I love "The Rescue" (and pretty much all the other fiction that you wrote.)

Anonymous said...

ACC, you totally rock. I love "The Rescue" (and pretty much all the other fiction that you wrote.)

Gary, USA

gsatliawol said...

I saw you get interviewed by Ben Bova via AT&T Videophone for the 1995 NASFIC. I've always liked your definition of magic. I think perhaps the way you create stories fits that definition, at least for some folks... the art of translating dreams to print or film so that they inspire a sense of wonder in others is certainly some pretty advanced tech.

Happy Birthday, kind Sir. I hope you get to see all you want to.

Glenn Stone
Washington State, USA

johnny5 said...

A big happy b-day.
May all your wishes come to pass.

Clark, you Art the man!

Roy Carambula
Baltimore, MD USA

Cam Purdy said...

You, sir, are a genius. Onward!

David said...

Happy birthday to a great writer and a brilliant thinker.

David Judd,
Berkeley, CA

lenny-t said...

Happy birthday, Sir Arthur! I want to thank you for all the wonderful things you have done for this world.

Lenny, Vermont, USA

Anonymous said...

Your stories and actions are an inspiration. Thank you.

mark, united states

A. Taylor said...

Happy Birthday, Sir Arthur!
Thanks for helping shape the present when it was still the future, and for your work in building a better tomorrow for us all.
Anthony Taylor
Atlanta, GA USA

ShadowHyrst said...

Fellow Carbon-based bi-pedal: Thanks for continuing to create our world through thought and fiction. You have given us much to be wonderous about; and I thank you.

Richard C. Griffiths, San Diego, CA, USA.

Anonymous said...

Sir Arthur, Sri Sri Arthur.

You most certainly changed my path in life. In the 1960's!

The best of health and wealth, sir.

Warren, USA.

Chas said...

Live long and prosper is not just a good saying, it sums up your life! (Wish you wrote it). Happy 90th from Albuquerque, New Mexico USA. I have enjoyed your writing for 40 years now and look forward to 40 more. Keep on keepin' on!

Stephen Dedman said...

Dear Sir Arthur,

90 years old? Hah! That's merely childhood's end :-)

Thank you for your work over the decades, which has been a great inspiration to me and to many other science fiction writers. Best wishes for your birthday and for all possible parallel futures.

Stephen Dedman, Ph.D.

Mari said...

Sir Arthur,

In 1953 you published a short story entitled "The Nine Billion Names of God".

Sometime in the mid-eighties - before I turned 11 - I came across it, the first piece of science fiction I ever read. Hooked me for life.

As an accomplishment it may be dwarfed by your inventions, your writings, your work in the RAF and astronomy and oceanology and humanitarian work after the Christmas tsunami; but I'll always be grateful most of all for your stories keeping me company when I was a shy, lonely little girl.

Thank you, bless you, many more happy birthdays to you.

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Mr Clarke. J Luukko, Finland.

dsethw said...

Happy Birthday from Washington State USA. The futures you wrote were better and worse than they turned out to be, though the science was of course always spot on.
May your optimism continue to pay off. Who knows, you may last long enough to live forever!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday from Denmark.

Great author and a great mind for all things futuristic.


Kim Pedersen

Andrzej Kotarski said...

Dear Sir Arthur Clarke,

Please accept the best wishes with the 90th Birth Day on behalf of the Members and Board of Polish Astronautical Society and Mars Society Polska.

Faithfully yours,

Andrzej Kotarski
Polish Astronautical Society
Warsaw, Poland

Phoenix said...

Happy birthday Sir Clarke.
I couldn't begin to thank you for the sheer amount of work you have produced let alone for your great vision of science and the future.

J from Turkey

Sapinho said...

Your books, along with Mr Asimov and Mr Sagan (and others), changed my perception of my (and our) place in the universe. And no words of gratitude can cover such a gift.

May you be an inspiration for many more years!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Sir Aurthur, hope you have many more.

Thank you, for making me a junkie of the only true consciousness expanding drug.

Ever greatfully
Arjuna Koralagama

Galoot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Galoot said...

Happy birthday, Sir Arthur.

I look forward to toasting your name on my first space elevator trip. (Just once, mind you. I want to be sober enough to fully enjoy the view.)

Best wishes to you,

Sean P.

Sundog said...

Happy Birthday, Sir Arthur, and thank you so very much for all the wonderful stories and concepts!

Huw Bowen, Warwick, UK

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from Salem, Oregon. May you have many more.

And for your many contributions, both actual and fictional, thank you.


ecgordon said...

As much as I love science fiction in all its aspects, and number many authors as cherished mentors, I would have to say that Sir Arthur C. Clarke represents the pinnacle of achievement in the genre. Not only does all of his work exhibit genuinely accurate scientific speculation, he has never lost sight of the fact that it is how technology effects us as humans, both psychologically and spiritually, that sets his work above all. Happy Birthday to you, sir, and may your days be long, for you have so much more to teach us.

Galen Strickland
Waco, Texas, United States

Loretta Y. Hidalgo said...

I owe my passion for international space cooperation to watching "2010" as a little girl. I still remember the Russian commander commenting to the American scientist on their joint space mission after they are ordered to sequester themselves from each other to mimic the war back on Earth, "Why can't our two countries just get along?" It is what I have been working to every since. Thank you for your contributions to humanity- Enjoy your day, you have earned it. Best Loretta

Anonymous said...

Happy 90th Birthday from the UK.

Thanks for all your inspirational books, essays and articles over the years.


Jim Downey said...

Sir Arthur - thank you for your inspiration to all of us, and the way you have helped to change this world for the better. Happy happy birthday, and with wishes for many more to come!

Jim D.

Skroo [KotW] said...

Sir Arthur,

Thank you for all the wonderful stories that I've enjoyed since I was 13.


USA/New York/Albany

Strangeite said...

Happy Birthday! I am truly in your debt, as your works started a life long love of reading and science. The City and the Stars still holds a place in my heart as the most "magical" novel I have ever read.

Many heartfelt wishes from Kentucky.

J.P. said...

Thank you for the stories that inspired me to see science as an adventure and not a chore. Your stories are a boundless source of inspiration in both the scientific and social senses. Happy Birthday.

Nuno from Portugal said...

Happy birthday Mr. Clark, from Portugal.

Your ideas have inspired many, and made many others imagine.


luce said...

Happy Birthday Mr Clarke!

- L Morningstar

apober said...

The road to the future may be built by engineers, but first it must be laid out by visionaries. Capable of envisioning a level of "suficiently advanced technology indistinguishable from magic" to most of us, Sir Arthur will always stand out as one of the great visionaries of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Happy Birthday and thank you.

A Pober
Earth\US\NJ\East Brunswick\

Infomancy said...

Happy Birthday, Sir Arthur.

Thank you for an inspirational view of science, and for connecting it to our humanity.

Peter Norrington, UK

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from California!
Best Wishes! You are AWSOME Mr. Clarke. Take care!

Mark R.
Ventura, CA

MikeHermann said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
halfhour said...

Your short story anthologies are what got me started on Science Fiction as a young boy. Many thanks for these and the novels, especially Childhood's End and the Rama cycle. Happy Birthday Sir.

Mike Hermann
Calgary, AB, Canada

Ada said...

Happy birthday, and many happy returns of the day! When I was a teenager I found a card that my grandfather had sent me some years before, recommending "Childhood's End". By then, my grandfather had died, so I read it in his memory.

Ada, Portland, Oregon, USA

mick92627 said...

Happy 90th, Sir Arthur.

When I was 9 years old, I went by myself to see 2001: A Space Odyssey at the Strand Theatre in Hartford, Connecticut, (because I couldn't get anyone else to go with me.) And I walked out of that theater a different 9 year old boy than the one who walked in.

Fast forward 40 years and I just read Rendezvous with Rama for the first time, about a week ago. And as I'd hoped and expected, it had that old Clarke Magic(TM)- Just outstanding.

Thank you, Sir Arthur, for a world (and then some) of great ideas, briskly told.

Mick Porter
Costa Mesa, CA USA

zenspinner said...

Thank you for my present and my son's future, Sir Arthur! Happy birthday and glorious future days to you!

-Sandy Conley
44 year old college student at Berea College, Berea, Kentucky, USA, because I believe in my future too!

Ezekiel Harrington said...

It is with great enthusiasm that I type this comment. Throughout your entire career as a scientist and writer, you have personally inspired me, both in personal life philosophies and as a writer. I hope that we are all granted a great many more years with such a fine man as yourself.

Anonymous said...

Sir Arthur

Your books captured my imagination nearly 40 years ago. What a delight, to discover your approaching birthday, and to be able now to join with those from around the world who wish you a very happy 90th birthday.

With sincere thanks.
Carol, Chichester, England.

SamP said...

Happy birthday Sir Arthur, and thank you for your books.

Sam Pontier
Las Vegas, NV

Ronnie said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Clarke! You are a true visionary and an inspiration to so many people. I am certainly one of your biggest fans! Thank you from Toronto, Canada.

Joe Turner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joe Turner said...

Happy Birthday, Sir Arthur... At 33 I am a filmmaker and a storyteller, in large part because of you and your writings (and that of your fellow Grand Master, Mr. Asimov).

I still remember being huddled in my bedroom at 4AM, the summer of my sophomore year of high school, voraciously consuming The Fountains Of Paradise. I can still see the tensile wire hanging from the sky—and to this day I dream of a space elevator at dusk.

I don't know how many times I've read the Rama series, mesmerized by its evolution from scientific conjecture into the opus of one woman's life and times... The thought of The Garden of Rama brings me back to my freshman year of college as strongly as the smell of freshly cut grass brings back childhood for most.

The first time I saw 2001 was a watershed moment in my career. Kubrick's images, combined with your concept and script, stay with me as a reminder of what art can be: paradigm shifting, prophetic and ultimately soulful.

When I stop at the bookstore, I still walk the aisles looking for your name, hoping to find something new. I am joyful when I do.

Thank you for all of your stories, and here's to many more.

Joe Turner Lin
New York City

Sue Pelletier said...

Happy birthday, Sir Arthur! I grew up on your books, read and reread them until I could recite whole paragraphs. You will always be among my favorite writers.

Thank you for your work. You have done more for the world than you will ever know.

Sue Pelletier
Groton, MA US

Annon. said...

Happy Birthday, Sir Arthur.
I remember that one of the first adult-type books I ever read was Across A Sea of Stars--big thing, too, what--a thousand pages? Must have taken me a week to finish it--not bad for an eleven year old. You've given pleasure and stimulated the imaginations of many thousands of engineers, scientists, technologists and others.
So, Happy Birthday and may you have many more.
Edward Eck
Boston, MA

gus said...

dear Arthur,

All the best for the 16th, sir.

I recently read Rendezvous with Rama for the first time and somehow feel like my ability to perceive space in my minds' eye has become better for the descriptions you provide of Rama in the book.

Thankyou for training my mind in this way, and also opening my means of perception of the universe through your other work.

I would like to also pre-thank you for the experience of all your works i have not yet read, but will seek to read throughout the remainder of my life.

Take Care out there,
love Gus Franklin, 27.
Melbourne, Australia.

MaxNoDiffrenze said...

Happy Birthday Sir Arthur! Your influence on my life is immeasurable--you lit the fires of my imagination for a better world for all of us. Thank you Thank you!

Best wishes,

Mal Gormley, Maine, USA

Cristian said...
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Cristian said...

Happy Birthday Sir Arthur...

best wishes!!!

Cristian Chong
from Chile

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Sir Arthur! I wish you the very best.

Fernando S. Trevisan - said...

From Brazil, I want to congrats and made clear: Sir Arthur C. Clake, your works were, are and will be a reference for us! I leave my best wishes and a big thank you for your works!

Mallcity said...

The future may not be what it used to be, but your stories, novels and ideas have made the present infinitely more bearable.

Happy birthday from
Shaun A Saunders, PhD,
Newcastle, Australia.

Gery said...

Happy Birthday and thanks for all the fish ... euhm ... I mean : thanks for all the good to brilliant writing!

Gery, Gent, Belgium

Spike said...

Dear Sir Arthur,

Happy birthday and much peach and joy to you and yours! Thank you for the way you have always challenged us to be better.

Spike, Colorado USA

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Arthur!
With love from Angie xxx

Anonymous said...

Dragi Sir Arthure, hvala vam na SFemu što ste učinili u ovih svojih 90 godinica kolko ste među nama! Sjećam se kao danas kako sam kao klinac ukrao Vašu knjigu Preludijum za zadužbinu iz knjižare, toliko sam je želio imati, ne samo zato što je imala lijepe čvrste plavetne korice, nego zato što VAs volim čitati. Nadam se da ću jednoga dana i ja uhvati svoga sina u istoj raboti.

Srdačan pozdrav iz Zagreba, Hrvatska (Croatia),

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday from Hialeah Florida, Sir Arthur!!! Your work has changed the way we all look at the cosmos and without you we would be living in a much duller world. I hope I get the chance to send birthday wishes for the big hundred! Until then, best wishes, take care.

Eric Gonzalez
United States of America

spiral115 said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Clarke! I have read many of your books.

Al the Rama stuff, "The Hammer of God", 2001!

You deeply influenced my way of thinking and looking at the Universe and aided the evolution of my psyche.

Thanks for all that you give the world!

Art Poole said...

Please accept my warm HAPPY 90TH BIRTHDAY, to Sir Arthur C. Clarke
from a reader and admirer of his work for 55 years.

Art Poole
Sedona, AZ, USA

Khendron said...

Happy 90th Birthday, Sir Arthur!

My 40th was just yesterday, so you are 50 years ahead of me! You've always been an inspiration. I remember while at university I wrote to you to thank you for inspiring me, through your writings, to study engineering. You were kind enough to send a nice reply, which I still have folded up in my copy of "Fountains of Paradise" (the book that inspired me).

Cheers to you!

Don said...

Sir Arthur,
You may be turning 90, but in the eyes of your admirers you will be forever ageless. The pursuit of scientific achievement, generally, and the exploration of space, specifically, will always be youthful. Pioneers possess a spirit that defies age. And you sir are a pioneer in every sense of the term. You have given all of us more than technical achievement; you have given us a new way of thinking about the future. Your legacy lives on each day with those who chase the stars.

Don Wiant
Florida, USA

Kenneth Wiant said...

You've been an inspiration to the world and to me personally.

Happy birthday!

Kenneth Wiant
Melbourne, FL USA

El Foraste said...

Muchas felicidades porque tambien es leido y admirado en Bolivia...

FSJL said...

Sir Arthur:

I've been reading your work since I was a boy in the 1960s, and I want to thank you for all that you've done. Happy 90th.

Fragano Ledgister
Atlanta, GA, US

Louis said...

"Overhead quietly, without any fuss, the stars were going out".

That line (along with many others) has remained with me for many years now. I would prefer to hope that our future will be more akin to David Bowman's proclamation - that Mankind's destiny will indeed be "full of stars" as we follow a path you have so beautifully blazed.

Many thanks for a lifetime of inspiration!

Grace and Peace!

Louis Klein

Svend W. said...

Happy Birthday, Sir, and thanks for your inspiring thoughts and ideas.

Svend Waldorff
Switzerland (born in Denmark, grew up in Spain, needs sat-tv...)

Svend W. said...

Happy Birthday, Sir, and thanks for your inspiring thoughts and ideas.

Svend Waldorff
Switzerland (born in Denmark, grew up in Spain, needs sat-tv...)

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Sir Arthur! Happy Birthday from Argentina!

I'm so happy to keep getting messages from you every year. I'm really glad that I can access personal notes from you and being as close as I can to keeping in touch with your news and also your visions of the future, of course. You've inspired me since the first of your books that I read. They've always given me that sort of "save the world" impulse, and I'm completely sure that my life's become much more richer and open-minded because of your stories. You've even put in words many ideas I already had and made it easier for me to share them with others, specially regarding space travel, extraterrestrial life forms and religion. I must say that sometimes I've used you to ask the question "Do you know Arthur Clarke?" to start a conversation. That question has always told me a lot about the person and has always led to interesting chats. I've also found very satisfying to see the people I really care for reading one of your books with my recomendation.

I work in virology (just the other day was my last final to get the degree in Biotechnology) and I always imagine what I'd like to be doing in every scenario your books offer. They always take me to different places and make me learn and think of things I had never considered. I always enjoy detecting the recurrent themes you mention and sharing opinions. All of these have shaped my idea of the future, have given me hope when I see only darkness in humankind and of course, make me wish I can live to see as many predicions of yours, come true.

In this opportunity, I wish you a happy birthday and also thank you for existing and sharing your wonderful mind and insight with all of us. You've been one of my favourite teachers, well, at least a virtual one. I'd be honoured to shake hands with you some day and know your paradise island.

Laura Esteban
La Plata, Argentina

Emmanuel said...

Dear Sir

Since I read Childhood's End at age 15, I've admired you and found a true light for knowledge and imagination. I send my best wishes and hope you have a great birthday.

Your forever-changed fan,

El Chunto said...

As a young boy, 8 years old did not find me being an avid reader, and my interest in science and science-fiction did not reach beyond a fascination with Star Wars action figures. That was a long time ago and I'm happy to report that the idolatry of plastic space-men went away with the first screening of Porky's.

My jorney started with Elvis Presley, and a spark of interest ignited by the unlikely involvement of my father. I remember as my dad unwrapped his brand new Elvis LP, place it in the turntable and moved the needle to play the record. This was a live performance and the first thing that came out of the speakers was this terribly frightening music (Thus Spake Zarathustra). Since this was supposed to be rock and roll, I asked my dad what was going on and to please explain what that sound was..."it's from 2001" my dad said..."someday you'll see that's weird"...some 6 years later I did see it; and it change my life forever.

Since then I've read over 60 of your books (still a few to go); my interest in science has expanded to most of the prominent fields and my mind has never stopped wandering into the future and our possibilities. You've influenced my every thought on almost all subject matter. You've been the best teacher I've ever had, but most importantly, you've been able to entertain and affect my mind in extremely positive ways.

It seems only yesterday that I first saw 2001:A Space was almost yesterday when the new millenium started in 2001.

I remember being very happy about the fact that you, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, were still around to see the turn of the century you made so famous.

I look forward to celebrating your birthday on 2010...

Happy birthday Sir Arthur!

Jean Marie Ward said...

Wishing you the very best on your birthday and many more years of health, happiness, prosperity and books!
Jean Marie
United States

Ashley said...

Many very happy birthday wishes for you Sir Arthur! I've enjoyed reading your books since I was a kid. I hope you have a wonderful day and many more!

Washington, DC

Luis said...

Happy birhtday to such a great visionary, the world need more people like him
--Luis, México

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for your birthday - you infused me with delight and a passionate interest in space and science.

Arc - Melbourne, Australia.

Geology Girl said...

All I can say is thank you for writing such marvelous books! They inspired me to learn more about science, and to simply wonder at the universe. Happy birthday!

Rachael (Westminster, Colorado, USA)

Paul said...

Still the best science fiction around. The genre has lost some of its early ambiance, and I think your stuff is some of the best that should be emulated.

Happy birthday, and best wishes from the USA!

Manuke said...

Happy birthday from Japan, Mr. Clarke!
I love "The Fountains of Paradise" and your other stories.
I wish you a healthy and happy life.

gnt said...

gnt from Japan

tabigarasu said...

Happy birthday,Sir Arthur.
You are imagination that the human race has brought up those who embody it.
Moreover, You are a dream that the human race has brought up.
The human race of the 20th century is that borrow like any whether you have.
Your influence power will reach all over the world to say nothing of not only the United States and Britain but also Europe and Japan where and I live.
Thanks are put in you who gave all over the world light small.

(Sorry! This is automatic transration!)


HOPPER said...

Happy birthday from Japan!!!

BoydWaters said...
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BoydWaters said...

Happy Birthday from New Mexico!

Sir Arthur and I share a birthday (16-December) but I lag behind by a half-century. He has always been there for me, charting a future that feels like my own...

A few years back, I sent birthday wishes as a letter, and he replied, "Hope you get a WOW! signal" (as I work for the Very Large Array radio-telescope).

The VLA is not (yet) a great instrument for SETI, but please tell Sir Arthur that his response was quite the "Wow! signal" for me!

Sincere best wishes on a very happy 90th birthday!

Masaaki Oomura said...

Happy birthday Sir Arthur !!
I have your autograph of Hayakawa mistery books postcard and that's my treasure.

Masaaki Oomura
Kyoto, JAPAN

さまい said...

Happy birthday Sir Arthur from Japan.
I love all of your great works. and when you release new one ? I'm long to see it :-)

Osaka, Japan.

alan sekers said...

Happy birthday from Brixton London.
You have done so much to improve what it can be to be human.

cocteau said...

happy birthday Sir Arthur!!
"Otanjou Bi, Omedetou" from JAPAN


Shin said...

Happy birthday from japan.
Please please live long and continue stimulating our curiosity.

LeeLoo said...

Happy Birthday Sir Arthur.

I was able to come across the thing which played up intellectual curiosity called the SF by you.

I look forward to the next work.

Nela said...

I wish you a happy birthday, in hope you'll continue to amaze us with your works for years to come.

Warm greetings from Croatia

Anonymous said...

Please continue to be a living legend. With best wishes for your health and happiness.

Tokyo Japan

James F. McGrath said...

Happy Birthday! Thank you for all you've contributed to humanity's development in the realms of both science and the imagination.

James McGrath
Assistant Professor of Religion
Butler University, Indianapolis, USA

geji said...

Happy birthday, Sir Arthur!

Tokyo Japan

nori said...

happy birthday,sir Arthur.
i love your movie:-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sir Arthur! Live long and prosper, allthough I suppose that should be "live longer and prosper more"!

Anonymous said...

Piece alter!

lindanell said...

Happy Birthday to the man responsible for my love of all things space. I'm about to retire from NASA, and Sir Arthur was always my inspiration

Happy 90th to a man WELL ahead of his time!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from Rome, IT.


Andrew said...

Sir Arthur,

Your wish to be recognized as a writer has been achieved many times over. Whenever I am short a book to read I can pull one you have written off the shelves - they and I are now old friends and I know them well, but they still satisfy. Childhood's End, Rama, Glide Path, The Star, Out of the Sun... I could go on and on.

In a way your title "Childhood's End" describes your mark on my life. With your works I fell in love with "hard" science fiction. And 30 years later I work in Washington DC as part of the space community. There is no better job, and I often am asked questions about the future and I can supply an answer by looking back in my mind to your works.

Thank you.

Andrew E. Barber
Washington, DC, USA

Rick Kulesh said...

Mr. Clarke,

Your charisma, intellect and creativity have literally transformed the world I live in, and I'm deeply appreciate of all you have done for the many, many of us, the occupants of Spaceship Earth.

Happy 90th Birthday!

Warm regards,
Rick Kulesh

Dzung Nguyen said...

Happy Birthday to Sir. Arthur. I am one of the fans who admires your envision of 2001 Odysey, 2010, 2050 ...

Alan said...

Sir Arthur,
Your writings were a personal inspiration to my life beyond measure. I wish you all the best on your 90th. Thank you for your vision, for your optimism, for your superb writing, and your insightful looks into a future that is coming true.
--Alan Dyer

asteroid bill said...

Sir Arthur:

I especially miss your great stories and wish you would attempt another. If you can hang on for a few more years you might make it to the Singularity!

Best Wishes,

Bill Prescott

Anonymous said...

Thank you for opening the world of Science Fiction for me and for opening the airlock and letting me enter Rama!



power said...

happy birthday sir arthur and thank you for the fountains of paradise (and all the other ones too) ...

martin pauer
prague, czechia

Darren J said...

Happy Birthday and thank you for hour upon hour of entertainment.

Viper Pilot said...

Happy birthday, Sir Arthur!

Not only have your works brought great enjoyment to me, but you are a true visionary who has helped change the world for the better. If only we had more of you!

-Mitch Haggman

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir Arthur,

Congratulations on your 90th, and I am privileged to have the honor to thank you personally for your work, and the profound influence it has had on my life. I was inspired by your fiction, but two non-fiction books in particular, The Challenge of the Spaceship and The Exploration of Space, provided me as a youngter with a roadmap of our future in the solar system which has held up pretty well. We are all in your debt.

Henry Cordova, USA

Mike said...

Sir A. Clarke-

Your greatest work was easily 2001: A Space Odyssey. At least at the public level. Maybe you have a different opinion but it was that story that launched untold future minds on a wide scale and at a most perfect time in recent history.

Second on the list to me was Childhoods End then Rendezvous with Rama. I quite enjoyed your production on the Mandelbrot Set also.

Happy 90th!

-M. Ashby, Calgary

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I wish you a very happy birth day to you.I respect you as the person who helped to change the world after lord Buddha.may the triple jem protect you and long life to you.

I am mohan perera from FlacQ,Island of Mauritiusq

James Fitch said...

Happy 90th Solar-Cycle Sir Clark!

And thank you for sharing your own personal 'WormCam' to our future.

It's always possible, however remote, that we may meet in some distant future when WormCams upload our complete DNA and minds, and reunite them in some great Anastasis.

But what's more likely is something so wondrous and amazing, that we can't even begin to imagine what it will be!

YOU taught me that, and I'm eternally grateful!!!

James Fitch, Poulsbo, WA, USA

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Sir Arthur. The very first book I bought with my own money was a translation of 2001 a space odyssey. I have been a fan ever since.


John from Chicago, USA said...

All the best, Sir Arthur! You are a true visionary.

BEATRICE said...

Happy 90th Birthday.
2001 is still one of my favorite movies.

All the best.

Beatrice Muller
Tucson, AZ, USA

Malcolm Powell said...

Happy Birthday Sir Arthur! I have been reading your work since I was a teenager. As a scientist my views of the past and present come mainly from observation and current scientific literature but my views of the future come mainly from your fiction. I wish you a long and happy journey into that future.

Matthieu said...

Happy birthday Sir Arthur.
Best wishes to you,

Matthieu Bronstein
Paris, France

Nilanse said...

I wish you joy and wellbeing for many years to come. I still remain a great fan of your writings. On my desk there's a photo standing. It pictures you along with me and my mother. That day, six years ago, was indeed a special day. You have given so much to the world. I send you the warmest wishes on your special day. My mother sends her wishes too. Happy birthday!

Nilanse Johansson, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Happy 90th birthday, Sir Arthur! Wishing you the very best for the future!

Yohan Ferreira
SGAC NPoC for Sri Lanka

starsgroom said...

Happy Birthday Sir Arthur..

I sincerly hope you allow yourself a moment to look back on all you have achieved. And be very very proud!

Wales, UK

akihiro koda said...

Happy birthday, dear Sir Arthur.

Thanks for giving us your cheerful stories, and thus, keeping us ignited.

Akihiro KODA

nash said...

Happy Birthday, Sir Arthur!

I grew up on science fiction, and though I have read less of it in recent years, I owe you and your fellow practitioners of that craft many thanks for expanding my mind and kindling my sense of wonder. I would thank you also coming up with the idea of geosynchronous satellites, but I wouldn't want to give you a swelled head or anything. ;)

Best wishes and sincerest thanks,

Categorical Aperitif

ito said...
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europaboy said...

Happy birthday to you, Sir Arthur.
Your wonderful novels always excite me.
Someday, your positive vision will lead our descendant in a correct direction.

Have a nice birthday!

Tokyo, Japan

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir Arthur,

Best wishes on your ninetieth birthday, and thank you very much for 25 years of exciting science fiction and informative science fact since I first started reading your works.

Very kind regards,

Justin Moretti, Australia

RAR Studio RC Races said...

Sir Arthur C Clarke, a man among legends! From myself and my family here in Shoemakersville, Pa, we wish you the happiest birthday.
Ray, Beth, and KC

kcornwell said...

Happy Birthday!

Lupa said...

Happy birthday, Sir Arthur!

When a thighborn turned into a spaceship in the opening sequence of "2001: A Space Odyssey," I felt that 21st century was still a distant future. Now 2008 is just two weeks away, and among other fans and friends, I can celebrate your 90th birthday. It's a bit amazing, isn't it?

Today the world is awaiting true visonaries who can show us smart solutions for such big challenges as sustainable energy source, earthquake forecasting, or even emerging geomagnetic chaos. Although we have information and communication technologies which have been making a great advancement in last decades, it's still unclear whether the human will be able to overcome the crisises to come. As science and technology become more and more specialised and complicated, ordinary people began to look at them as "black boxes" hard to be understood. I suppose, those sci-fi writers, who follows in your tracks, have many things to do.

Recently I got a copy of the English version of your novel "The Fountains of Paradise," which I have enjoyed through Japanese translation, with expectation that I could find another meanings in the story. I love this masterpiece because of its grand theme of "space elevator" as well as the fascinating background scenery of the land of Sri Lanka.

I really wish you good health, and peace for people of Sri Lanka.

Lupa, Japan

Mark said...

Hello again Sir Arthur,

It's a delight to see the warm greetings posted here by so many whose lives have been profoundly influenced by your work.

Like many of them, I probably would not be doing what I do had I not encountered your writing at an early age.

Should ET show up in my backyard, and inquire about the whereabouts of "our leader", rest assured I'll tell them to forget the UN rooftop, or White House lawn, and provide them with directions to Columbo!

Wishing you an extremely happy 90th orbit,

Mark C Maxwell
Space Artist

Ni Mimi said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sir Arthur!

Your inspirational words and ideas continue to awaken hearts and minds all over the world.

Live Long & Prosper!

Ni Mimi (from a very cold Canada!)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir Arthur

Your books have been among the most influential I have read, especially "The Promise of Space" and "Profiles of the Future". Your vision of the fading of petty nationalisms when have people seen the Earth fading to a crescent and vanishing amongst the stars has inspired me most of my life. Your novels have amused, entertained, and provoked me for 35 years. Thank you for all that you have done.

Happy Birthday!

Jonathan Clarke, vice president, Mars Society Australia. Canberra

rachelspace said...

Happy Birthday, Sir Arthur!

As a graduate of the International Space University (Strasbourg, 1998), I'm proud to have your autograph on my diploma. Best wishes for a very happy 90th birthday, and many more birthdays to follow.


From Canada, currently living near Los Angeles, California, USA

Buffoon said...

Best wishes, Sir Arthur, on the ninetieth anniversary of your natal day. I, along with many others, have enjoyed your work and vision. Few people have had an impact as profound as yours.


Rob Wolff said...

Happy birthday, Sir Arthur!
A beat-up second hand copy of 'The City and the Stars' was the first science fiction I read, and more or less directly resulted my becoming a physicist and (pretty damn terrible) writer myself.
The scope and skill of your imagination has given me the sense of wonder at the universe - both what has been observed and what might yet be.
Thank you, for what you have given me, and the world.

-Rob Wolff, Melbourne, Australia.

Cyritha said...

Many happy returns of the day Sir Arthur! You are a great inspiration to all of us. wish you good health and happiness!

Theruwan Saranai!!

A fellow earthling originally from Sri Lanka now in Canada

Cyril Weeratunge
Windsor, On

Brian said...
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dlstorm said...

Sir Arthur, Happy Birthday and may you see many more. I grew up with your writings and became hooked on Sci Fi. I hope you can continue to write.

David Storm, Sacramento, CA, USA

Joe said...

Happy Birthday Sir Arthur... u have been an inspiration to us all and we wish you the best in your 90th year. We need you sir to stick around at least another 10 years.... don't miss 2012 and the galactic alignment that is changing all of us daily.....
i love Asia as well. i have a little condo near Manila and it is great weather for sure...

ynotlleb said...

December 16th must be a good day for birthdays, Sir Arthur and Beethoven!

Happy 90th Sir, thanks for all the great books over the years and for giving me my 15 minutes of fame. In 1996 I took "the life and works of ACC" as a specialist subject on the BBC quiz show "Mastermind", and I won!

Tony Bell,, Warrington, Cheshire, UK, planet Earth.

Rick (RocketScience) Kwan said...

Happy Birthday, Sir Arthur. I grew up pondering space flight just as Sputnik brought us into a new age. Your books added a lot of texture and possibilities to my understanding. May you have many more orbits around the Sun.

Silicon Valley, California, USA

zun said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the books.

Steve Comins

Pavel said...

Happy birthday from Hradec Králové, Czech Republic.


Pavel said...

I´m sorry, I forgot add my name to previous comment:
Pavel Rzehák, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

John Whale said...

Happy Birthday Sir Arthur - Our dinner with you at your home in Colombo in 1996 is still very vividly remembered. Take care & Best Wishes
John Whale & Family
Cardiff, Wales

zima said...

Sir Arthur, may you see your wishes come true.

From someone whom you helped to see the sky - Pawel Zimolag, Poland

Selene Verri said...

I don't have much to say, so I'll just wish you a very happy birthday from France and Italy as well. And I'm really glad we all can celebrate this event.

Daniel said...

Sir Arthur, Happy birthday to you from the suburbs of Chicago. You help keep my imagination alive.

All the best birthday wishes,
Dan Morgan
Downers Grove, Illinois USA

Paolo Attivissimo said...

Living proof that staying away from British weather does, indeed, extend one's lifespan!

Thank you for being the inspiration who launched my career into science writing and gave me the intellectual and cultural tools that shaped my life.

Happy Birthday!

Paolo Attivissimo
Lugano, Switzerland

Bill Higgins-- Beam Jockey said...

Okay, in my time zone, it's 16 December at last.

I discovered Islands in the Sky when I was about nine, and from then on, I read everything I could find with "Arthur C. Clarke" on the spine. With him I explored spaceflight, the ocean, Ceylon, electronic communication, and-- best of all-- The Future.

And I really, really loved his science fiction.

He was active in science fiction fandom back when they were still inventing it. Ditto for space activism.

He shaped my ideas about science and engineering and what part they play in our civilization. He made becoming a scientist sound like so much fun. The lure was irresistible.

So I wound up slinging particle beams, and manufacturing neutrinos, and lecturing about planetary exploration, and doing some science writing of my own.

He once wrote:

Herewith the very rich hours of a twenty-first century person's day:

Skimming five hundred channel program listings, two hours; viewing television programs selected, four hours; catching up on recorded programs, six hours; exploring the hyperweb, six hours; and adventuring in artificial reality, four hours...

The observant reader will have noted that this schedule leaves only two hours for the rest of the day's activities. Much of that time will be spent plugged into the most urgently required invention of the near future-- the sleep compressor. (They're still working on the sleep eliminator.)

Sir Arthur has recorded a video essay reflecting on his 90 orbits, and has made it available on a global communication network. How Clarkeian.

Thank you, Sir Arthur, for opening doors for me, and for all the worlds you've given all of us. Happy birthday.

Bill Higgins
Batavia, Illinois, USA

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Mr. Clarke!
Ich hope, I can read many other books from you!

Luca Bertoncello, Dresden (Germany)

Tohru,Takai ( said...

Happy birthday, Mr.Clarke!
I ’m almost read your works.
I ’m glad of you alive and well.
Please live long for a long time and keep watching the world.

Lady-Cleopatra said...

Auguri di buon compleanno dall'Italia....

Lady Cleopatra

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